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Why do judo?


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The Olympic Sport that improves Confidence, Coordination, Determination and Physical Fitness

Judo Improves Confidence
Confidence is much more than being able to stand up to a bully, it is also:

  • Confidence to speak one's opinions

  • Confidence to be a leader

  • Confidence to 'stand your ground' in debate, other sports and life in general

Judo Improves Coordination

  • Judo is a multi functional physical activity and, compared with other sports, uses most of the physical attributes of the body

  • Good coordination is a requirement for building confidence

  • Hand/eye coordination assists in the learning process at school

  • Many learning problems in children can be traced back to a lack of coordination

  • Fitness and judo go hand in hand.  The very nature of judo means fitness and a fit child is an alert healthy child

Judo discipline and mutual respect builds and strengthens character
There must be a reason why judo has over 170 countries affiliated with the International Olympic Committee.

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