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Our club insists on three different ways of practice (randori), borrowed from the original ideas of Jigoro Kano. Practice must be according to the proficiency of the partner while keeping in mind your purpose and aims.  The type of practice partners can be divided into three:

1. Practicing with partners of a higher standard
You should try your own techniques with full strength for improvement of skill, and should not be defensive.
Defence towards the partner should be with only tai sabaki or body management, but you should not mind being thrown if the skill of the partner exceeds your defence.

2. Practicing with partners of an equal standard
You should try your own skill and strength as much as you can, but remember that practice is not contest.  Spend a large part of your practice time attempting techniques with which you are not proficient.

3. Practicing with partners of a lower standard
You should bear in mind the principle of techniques and try to throw the partner with reasonable and suitable techniques.  Sacrifice throws (sutemi waza) and throws where you fall with your partner to the mat (maki komi) should not be attempted. You should also give the partner enough opportunities to try techniques so that the partner can improve as well.  Pass your knowledge onto your partner and in so doing you will gain respect.

Moreover, when you practice with a teacher, you should be careful to learn the principles of techniques without excessive defence because you are learning for your own improvement.

When you practice with children, you should be careful to give them the chance to use the techniques they know and allow them to throw you if the technique is applied with good skill. In this way children gain confidence and improve their skills.  Above all they must trust and respect you.  Be friendly but not patronizing.

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